Septic Tank Inspection

Septic Tank System Inspection for Windham, ME & the Surrounding Areas

At Arkie Rogers Septic Service Inc., our talented professionals can perform a thorough inspection on your septic system, so you know exactly what sort of shape the system is in. We look at every major component of your system, including a video pipe inspection to find any clogs. We take the extra time to ensure that every aspect of your system is addressed, so you have a full understanding of the overall state of your septic tank system.

Get a Thorough Written Report of Your System

Whether you are selling your home or you simply want to know the condition of your septic system, we can provide you with a detailed inspection and a written report on the state of your entire system, including the pump and other components. All inspections are completed by Maine-certified inspectors, and each inspection takes about an hour. Give us a call to schedule one of our inspectors to look at your system.

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